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Creating DP Unit Plans

Enable Diploma Unit Plans


Navigate to the Settings > School Settings > Academic Functions > enable Diploma Unit Plans and click Save Changes. Once enabled, Diploma classes will have access to the Units tab.

Via the Units tab in your class


Under the Classes tab > select the class > click on the Units tab. To add a new unit, click on Add Unit on the right navigation panel. If you wish to edit an existing unit, click the Unit Name.

Edit Unit Plan


Once you have clicked on the Unit Name, click on Edit Unit Plan to edit the unit.

Adding a Unit


Create a title for your unit, select the start date and length of the unit in weeks. Click Save Changes. This will create the unit and allow you to add further details in the next sections.

Note: Units will automatically be shared with other classes that have the same subject and grade level.


On the Summary tab, you can edit the title, subject, levels (HL or SL) and duration. You can choose to share the unit between grades, save it as a draft, or archive the unit. At the end of the page, click Save and Next.  This will save the changes and take you to the next page.


Under the Inquiry & Purpose tab, you can add Essential Understandings and Inquiry Questions. At the end of the page, click Save and Next.


Under the Assessment tab, you can add Assignments to unit based on SL and HL and describe how you will assess them with text boxes. At the end of the page, click Save and Next.

For more information about sharing assignments with other class sections and grade levels, you can view our tutorial here


With the ATL tab, you can add ATLs and add coverage details and notes. At the end of the page, click Save and Next.


With the Learner Profile tab select the attributess of the IB Learner Profile addressed in the unit and add coverage. After adding, click Save and Next to move on to the next section.


On the International Mindedness tab, use the text box to speak to how students will engage with issues of global importance and/or other cultures, click Save and Next.


On the Aims, Objectives & Criteria  tab, you can select from built in items from the IB according to the unit subject for Course Aims, Assessment Objectives, and Assessment Criteria.

Assessment Criteria can be differentiated if the unit is created as both SL and HL. After selecting, click Save and Next to continue.


Under Syllabus tab, select syllabus content   for the unit. At the end of the page, click Save and Next.


On the Standards tab, you can select from local standards/skills added to your account. Click Save and Next when finished. This page will be blank if Standards have not been added to your account.

Please contact the ManageBac support team at if you would like us to help add your school's standards to your account so they can be selected in Unit Planners


On the Connections tab, select and speak to opportunities for Language and Learning, ToK and CAS connections. Click Save and Next when complete.


On the Teaching & Learning tab, you can speak to the Learning Proces with different tabs for Content, Learning Experiences, Teaching Strategies, and Differentiation. Click on each tab or Save & Next to progress to each section.


Under Resources, you can add journal entries, websites, files, videos, and other data to complement your teaching and to support your assessment tasks. After adding, click Reflections & Evaluations to move to the last section


Under Reflections & Evaluations, you can reflect on the success of the unit Prior, During, and After the unit. This tab is organized by academic year, so your historical reflections and evaluation comments will be automatically saved for future academic years.

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