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Configuring Rubrics & Options

Via Settings, Diploma Programme

Via Settings > Diploma Programme > Rubrics & Options tab, you can create new rubrics & options, which are completed by teachers together with their term grades.

By clicking Add Rubric, you can define your rubric title. There are three types of rubrics & options:

1. Criteria: this is a set of criteria that teachers will select as a dropdown menu (e.g. Effort grades may be set using a range of 5 to 1 with 5 being excellent effort and 1 being the worst).

2. Custom Field: this is a customisable field allowing teachers to enter in any type of text with a defined suffix (e.g. attendance in % terms).

3. Formula: Formulas allow you to calculate a rubric value based on Custom Fields or Criteria rubric values.

After adding the title of the rubric and selecting the type, click Create Rubric.

By hovering over the rubric, you can edit the value and descriptors. After defining your rubric details, you will want to press Save Changes.

Once you have added your rubrics, they will be visible from the Submit Term Grades, where teachers will be able to enter in values.

Enabling rubrics & options on your report cards is a two-step process:

  1. Via Settings > Reports > Manage Templates > select DP template > Overview tab, enable the Options & Rubrics by selecting from the dropdown. Click Save Changes.
  2. Via Settings > Reports > Manage Templates > select DP template > Summary tab, tick the Options & Rubrics checkbox and from the dropdown. Hover over the title until the re-order icon appears to set its position. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
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