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Generating Reports

Via Settings > Reports


To generate your reports, please first confirm the following data:

1. Term: Select a term with the correct grade data.

2. Template: Ensure that your selected template includes your desired information and excludes other information. You can easily adjust your template by clicking Edit Template, and    you can have an unlimited number of templates.

3. Years: Choose to generate reports for all year levels at once, or specify which years will have reports generated. (This setup allows you, for instance, to generate reports for Grade 11 using one report template, and then generate for Grade 12 using another template.) If you would like to include non-IB grades, tick the checkbox and specify the term.

4. Next, give your report a Title (e.g. First Semester Report).

5. Indicate the Preparation Date.

6. Choose your Sort Order.

7. Indicate whether you would like parents and students to receive email notifications.


We first recommend previewing reports prior to generating final drafts. To preview draft reports, click the blue buttons Generate Individual Report or Generate Draft. These buttons generate PDFs that are not stored on ManageBac.


Once confident that reports are ready, click on the green Generate Reports button. A full PDF will also be generated and stored as a master copy under Settings > Reports. These officially generated report cards provide data for student transcripts.


This will also generate a full set of report cards that are stored individually on each student’s profile.

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