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Introduction to DP Reports

ManageBac report cards for Diploma:

  • Display IB final grades (1-7) with options to show predicted grades, local grades, or other forms of assessment.
  • Allow narrative comments and progress indicators for the Diploma core.
  • Provide for individual student reflections.
  • Are available on ManageBac as PDFs for parents and students once the final versions are generated.
  • Integrate with the teacher gradebooks

To begin customizing your report cards, navigate to the Reports section and Generate tab.

Click Edit Template to access the Overview tab of the report template.

Here you can see the different types of assessment available for inclusion on your report card. Adjust your template by toggling elements on and off, and by dragging and dropping to change the order.

Customize the template further via the tabs at the top, and double-check your work by clicking Preview Report.

For more information please refer to the tutorial on: Creating Report Templates

Submit Term Grades via the Class Gradebook

The grades and comments that appear on reports are from the Teacher Gradebook. Every DP class has an Gradebook tab. From this tab, teachers can click on Term Grades to input term grades and comments.

For more information please refer to the tutorial on: Submitting Term Grades

Administrators may also choose to include a Course Description on report cards. This is pulled from the Classes > Select Class > Overview > Edit Class Settings.

Reviewing Reports

Navigate to Reporting > Proofing & Review. From here, administrators can directly view and edit student grade information. This can be done By Subject or By Student.

The view of Term Grades By Student displays the current grades and comments. Changes made on this page will also affect the gradebook in the class.

The Reflections tab shows reflections added by the student, advisor, coordinator, head, and counselor. Those who have added comments for a student will be represented with a green check.

To preview accurate versions of the final reports, navigate back to Reports. Click either Preview Individual Report or Generate Draft. These buttons generate PDFs that are not stored on ManageBac.

Generating Reports

Once confident that the report cards are complete, click on the Generate Reports button.

This will generate a full set of report cards that are stored individually on each student’s profile and also as a master copy under Reports.

Viewing Individual Reports

To view an individual report, navigate to the student’s profile and click Reports.

The report card is available via PDF for parents, students, and teachers to view, and stays with the student profile for as long as the student has a ManageBac account.

View Individual files in bulk

To view individual files, you can also navigate to Completed Reports and download a zip file of the master copy. We provide each student’s report as an individual file.

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