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Introducing the Enhanced PYP on ManageBac

Webinar Recording

This webinar was conducted four times in April, 2019. 


Main Presenter: Theodore King, CEO

Presentation PDF

FAQs from the Webinars

Q: Are you going to adopt the IB PYP template?

We will provide a template based on the IB template; however, you will have the freedom to customise your own planner(s).

Q: To confirm, one person could be editing learning goals while someone else edits ATL skills, but but we can't edit the same portion at the same time, correct?

Correct, you can work simultaneously within the same unit but not on the exact same section. This is to prevent over-writing of each other's work. 

Q: Will the PYP planners be archived each year or editable the following year (ie containing planning, reflections etc from the previous year)?

This is still in design. We will update customers in the coming months so everyone knows the degree to which we will enable carry-over to subsequent years.

Q: Would the school be able to upload on Managebac their own designed Learning Outcomes?

You will be able to add your own Learning Outcomes yourself, or you can send them to us as an Excel file and we can add them for you. We can also add skills or attributes you would like to track alongside your academics.

Q: Is there any trial period for the admin team to try the new platform before it is introduced to the whole school?

Beginning June 2019, we will have a demo version you can use to become familiar with the new system. We are also offering a range of webinars and in-person trainings which you can find on

Q: Will there be Office365 integration like Google Docs integration in the future?

A: While we don't have a specific development timeline in place yet, this is a priority for our development team to consider in the second half of the year, and we're currently in discussions with the Office365 team on how best to support this request. 

Q: Will students be able to access the portfolio independently on an iPad?

A: Yes. We're currently working on updating our student portal access to make it easier for younger Primary Years students to log in, but they will absolutely be able to access their portfolio from any web browser, or via app on their phones or iPads. 

Q: Will ManageBac be available as an app for android phones? Will it be available for parents and teachers?

A: Yes. We're in the midst of re-designing our app now, and intend for it to be available for both iOS and Android, as well as for teachers, parents and students. It will be available within the 2019-2020 school year. 

Q: Will current units be added into the new planner? Or will the coordinators and teachers have to manually transfer all the information over?

A: We will be transfer old units to the new platform once it is released. For more details on what this will look like, and which sections from the old planner will be read-only to better align with the new requirements, check out our blog post here. 

Q: Will the Approaches to Learning be customisable?

A: Yes ATL skills will be customisable, and so will the IB Learner Profile attributes.

Q: We did not buy the attendance and reports modules, can we also use the communication to parents function and students' portfolio, and PYP exhibition as well?

A: Yes, those are general features supported by ManageBac.

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