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Adding a DP Task

Via Classes > Tasks & Units > Tasks

Teachers can add tasks to classes via the class Tasks & Units tab, click Tasks > Add Task.

Complete the following required fields:

1. Name: task name

2. Unit: the unit plan you wish to link the task to.

3. Select Levels: HL = Higher Level, SL = Standard Level

4. Task category: these are customisable via Manage Categories.

5. Type

  • Formative Assessment Tasks are meant for practice to build competency and to provide feedback. Common examples include homework and short quizzes.
  • Summative Assessment Tasks are meant to evaluate the level of achievement at the end of the unit. Common examples include exams and projects.

    For a more detailed explanation on the differences between Summative and Formative assessment, we recommend this article from Carnegie Mellon University:

6. Assessment Type: enable task assessment to be done by Comments only or Max points (100).

7. Due date & time: student submissions will be marked early or late based on this.

Use the details box to add any special instructions for the students in any language.

Tick Save as Draft to hide the task from students & parents.

Tick Notify via Email to notify students via email (parents are not notified).

Tick Google Docs Coursework Submission to assign a Gdoc to your students. Click here for further guidance. Note that this is only available if your account administrator has enabled integration with Google Docs.

Enable the Dropbox Coursework Submission to allow students to upload their work directly to ManageBac.

Enable Turnitin to check for plagiarism directly within ManageBac account. Click here for further guidance on configuring Turnitin Settings for deadlines within ManageBac. Note that this is only available if your account administrator has enabled integration with Turnitin.

You can also add resources by uploading a file or linking with a resource in the unit planner tied to the task.

If you would like to duplicate your task in another class section that you are teaching, you can simply tick the checkbox besides the class name. This will allow you to customize the Due Date for your second class section.

Click Create Task at the bottom of the page to finish the process of creating your task. Alternatively, if you are planning to create multiple tasks, click Save and Add Another Task to save your current task and open a new Add Task form in one step.

Once your assessment task has been created, it will be permanently saved in the Subject Resources section of ManageBac, this will allow you to easily re-use the same task in future academic years without having to recreate it.

It will also enhance collaboration by allowing your colleagues to share assessment tasks between classes without having to manually create them one-by-one. Please refer to the following tutorial for more detailed instructions:

Sharing Resources with Other Class Sections & Grade Levels

How Tasks Appear on Unit Plans

Note that the unit planner will show all tasks associated with it. This means that there may be multiple tasks from another class of the same subject appearing in your unit planner. The radials on the PDF planner show the class mean of the Criteria marks given in the Submit Term Grades of the Gradebook.

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