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Annotating Student Work

The following tutorial covers how to annotate students work using the Vantage Reader on ManageBac.

Note: The word "Assignment" here is synonymous with "Task" in MYP classes.

Teacher View

Annotating student work can be done directly on ManageBac for .pdf, .doc, and .docx files. If you have enabled Dropbox for an assignment, students can submit their work directly to the system. Please note that if the work includes any graphs or tables, uploading as a PDF is recommended for best results if viewing or annotating with Vantage Reader.

Click on the Speech bubble icon next to the file name to annotate student work. The file will automatically load in the Vantage Reader.

You can add the following type of annotations:

  • Sticky notes - allows you to leave comments.
  • Text box - type notes directly on the document.
  • Area highlights - add comments to a highlighted area.
  • Ink - draw directly on the document.
  • Text highlights - highlight & unhighlight text.
  • Strikeout - strikeout text.
  • Squiggly underline - underline text with a squiggly line
  • Straight underline - underline text with a straight line

Removing Annotations & Adding Comments

Click Pages and zoom out or widen your browser to see a sidebar and add threaded comments for each annotation. You can also add comments by typing them in the text box and clicking Send, or delete comments by clicking Delete Comment. Annotations can be deleted by clicking Delete Annotation.

Note that highlight, strikethrough, squiggly, & underline annotations must all be removed by clicking Delete Annotation from the right navigation panel.

How to zoom out

Mac: Press COMMAND + "-" (minus sign)

PC: Press Ctrl + "-" (minus sign)

If you are unable to zoom out or widen your browser so see comments on the right navigation panel, click on an annotation to view its comments or delete the annotation. You can also add comments by typing them in the text box and clicking Send, or delete comments & annotations.

Moving annotations & Viewing general comments

Text box, Area & Ink annotations can be moved around on the document. Hover over these types of annotations until you see a Move cursor, click and drag them to another position on the document.

Under Details, you can add and view general comments for the document.

Downloading Annotated PDFs

Click on the Download button at the top of the page. Select .PDF + Annotations as your download option to download all annotations into a PDF file.

Student View

Students will also have access to the annotations and can add or view annotations by clicking Assignments > Assignment name > Annotate.

Note: The term "Assignment" here is synonymous with "Task" for MYP classes.

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