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Career-related Programme Introduction (SL & PBL)

The following webinar provides an introduction to the Career Programme including Service Learning and Project-Based Learning as well as the configuration for Coordinators using ManageBac.

Webinar timeline:

"Introduction to ManageBac, the speakers, and the webinar schedule: 0:00 - 4:00"

"Service Learning Configuration: 4:00 - 13:00"

"Service Learning functionality & Q&A: 13:00 - 26:00"

"Project Based Learning Configuration: 26:00 - 34:29"

"Service Learning functionality & Q&A: 34.29:00 - 43:00"

FAQs from the webinar

If I disable a PBL project template from the Year Group will I lose my data?

    Disabling a project will hide the project tab from the Year Group but it will not delete the student data. To view the student data simply re-enable the project within the Year Group settings. For example on our demo account navigate to the Year Group in question > Overview > Edit Year Group Settings > Tick the project you wish to enable/disable > Save Changes.

How do you Assign SL Advisors?

    SL Supervisors can be assigned individually by selecting the Year Group in question > Members > SL Advisors. Advisors can also be assigned in bulk via the Year Group's Members tab > Students > Bulk Assign Students

Within the reflection and evidence tab, does the student reflection suffice for the RPPF form required by the IB?  If so, how would we communicate that with IBIS or eCoursework?

   You can navigate to the students worksheet > View all Reflections & Evidence > Export to PDF. You can then share this Export with IBIS as required.

How do start to get the Career-related programme options on our system? Do we need to alter our ManageBac subscription?

   Please contact where one of the team would be more than happy to put you in touch with your local sales representative. The Sales Representative will then be able to provide you with a personal Demo and go through the next steps in order to enable the Career Programme at your school.

We have DP set up for the EE, can these settings be copied over for the RP? 

   For the Reflective Project and Language Portfolio we have set up default templates in the system for you. Simply navigate to your Settings > IB Career Related Programme > Project Based Learning > Add Language Portfolio Template OR Add Reflective Project Template. 

   To Enable the template as a separate tab against your Year Group navigate to the Year Group in question > Overview > Edit Year Group Settings > Tick the project you wish to enable/disable > Save Changes.


This webinar was originally run on January 23, 2019.

Host: Anup LalliManageBac Associate

Support: Vincent Bradshaw, ManageBac Associate 

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