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Setting EE Deadlines and Linking To-Dos

Via the EE Tab

You can create EE deadlines by clicking Add a New Deadline under the EE tab.

Here you must enter basic details (name, date, & time) while making sure to link the deadline to your EE Worksheet.

Enable Dropbox to allow students to submit their documents through ManageBac. If you Enable TurnItIn, submitted coursework will be filtered through TurnItIn automatically. You can find further information on reviewing TurnItIn originality reports in the following tutorial:

Reviewing TurnItIn Originality Reports for EE & TOK

If you choose to Attach Files, they will be available when the student's access the deadline.

Once you have clicked Add Deadline, the deadline will appear on the calendar.

You will need to add at least one To-Do item to ensure the deadline will appear on the student's worksheet. You can assign To-Dos to students, advisors, or everyone. If you assign a To-Do to students only, supervisors will not be able to check them off (and vice-versa for students).

Deadlines will appear in red text on the student's worksheet. To-Do items can also be reviewed and added via the worksheet.

For information on reviewing student's progress please see the following tutorial:

Reviewing EE Progress

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