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Configuring Your IB Group Settings & CAS Reflection Questions

Via your IB Group > Overview Tab

Configuring your IB group settings is essential to properly enabling the CAS, EE and TOK functions.

You can Edit Group Settings from the sidebar of the Overview tab for each year group.


Overview > Edit Group Settings


On this page, you will be able to:

1) Edit your IB group name (e.g. IB Diploma Class of 2016) and group description.

2) Customize your logo.

3) Set your class year (e.g. Grade 11 or Grade 12). This will be used to define the proper set of TOK prescribed titles, and to match students to their IB class groups (e.g. IB History HL for the 2016 class year), which they can select on their Diploma Plan worksheets.

4) Determine whether you would like to enable specific worksheets:

  • Extended Essay: this allows students to submit their EE proposals, select their EE supervisors, and submit files.
  • Theory of Knowledge:  this allows students to select their TOK paper topic, create a checklist of to dos, and submit files.
  • Diploma Plan: this allows students to plan their IB classes, view IA deadlines & weights, and submit exam registration information.

5) Define the citation style for student essays.

6) Determine whether you would like to track hours for CAS. If you do, you must check the box and enter the total cumulative number of hours you would like to measure progress against (e.g. 150).


7) Add CAS reflection questions. This allows you to set questions for students to respond to after completing CAS activities.

Note: You may also Archive your IB Group via the checkbox at the bottom of the page. This is normally done after the students have completed their exams in May or November of their final year. All of their records will remain intact in an archive. See our tutorial on Archiving an IB Group:

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