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Configuring Service Learning

Service Learning is a module that allows you to create a customizable service project. The configuration and functionality is based on CAS for DP and SA for MYP. Allowing non IB programmes to offer a custom service learning component in their Year Groups.


To access the SL configuration navigate to Settings and select a non IB programme. From the dropdown menu click Service Learning. The Overview page allows you to predefine labels for your project.

  1. Title - refers to the name of the SL project. It will be visible across ManageBac for all users (teachers, parents, and students)
  2. Abbreviation - the abbreviation is used to avoid repetition and in places where there isn't enough space to display the title
  3. Logo - from the dropdown menu select a logo that describes your programme. The logo will be displayed on the student profile and Year Group calendar
  4. Description - is an optional field that will be displayed on the right navigational menu of the project page for both teachers and students


The Framework tab contains much of the configuration that will allow you to create a project fit for your needs. The options include:

  1. Aims & Goals Statement - if enabled the students will be prompted to enter their Aims & Goals for the project. The textbox in the image above is for admin to provide optional guidance to students on how to fill in their Aims & Goals. This guidance will be displayed on the student view.
  2. Learning Outcomes - Similar to CAS and SA we allow for learning outcomes to be added. These outcomes are to be tracked across activities during the duration of the project. A student's completion depends on their coverage of the learning outcomes. In the configuration admin are able to predefine the default learning outcomes for the project but these can be further modified in each year group.
  3. Documents - enables the document uploader displayed on the student worksheet.
  4. Notes & Interviews - enabling this option allows students and teachers to send messages to each other on the student worksheet and it allows teachers to record interview notes, which are only visible to admin and teachers.
  5. Questions - the functionality is inspired by CAS Questions. The questions are added in the Year Group settings. Teachers add questions and tie them to a learning outcome. Students will be prompted to answer the questions within each activity. The questions displayed depend on the learning outcomes selected in the activity
  6. Extended Project - inspired by CAS Projects, which are long lasting activities that are also big in scope. If Extended Project option is enabled students will be able to mark their activities as an Extended Project activity. The terminology for Extended Project can be customised on the Terminology page.

Activity Tags can also be configured on the Framework page. They are simple a set of labels that a student can choose to apply to their activity. The examples from CAS include: Ongoing, School-based, Community-based, and international. Admin are able to set the name and colour of the activity tags to be displayed when creating a new activity. If you prefer not to use Activity Tags simply delete the existing ones and click Save Changes.

Hour Types

Hour Types offer a classification for activities (e.g. in CAS we have Creativity, Activity and Service). On the Hour Types page admin have the ability to reorder hour types, which will affect the order that they are displayed in to the students and teachers; edit, delete and add hour types. If you prefer to not to use Hour Types as a method to differentiate strands you may simply remove all the default types.

To add a new hour type there are 4 fields that need to be provided:

  1. Title - corresponds to the name that will be associated with the hour type
  2. Abbreviation - on the student worksheet the abbreviation will be displayed as a label
  3. Color - specifies the color of the label to be displayed on the student worksheet
  4. Hours - allows admin to set guidelines for the minimum amount of hours required for the hour type. The value entered will appear as a default in all Year Groups but can be overwritten in the Year Group settings.


The terminology fields shown above allow you to create a project that will be familiar to your teachers and students based on local requirements or cultural terminology. The hint, located below each field, provides an explanation of what each term is referring to.

Student Progress allows teachers to communicate the progress the student's progress with the student, and other teachers involved in the project. The default list of statuses is identical to the statuses used for the IB core projects. However, you are able to edit the existing statuses by selecting a different icon or changing the title. Additional statuses can also be added by specifying the icon and title. "To Be Determined" cannot be deleted as it is used as the default status in situations where the student progress has not been evaluated yet or if the admin chooses to reset progress for all students. If a status is deleted that was currently assigned to a student, then that student's status will be set to "To Be Determined".

That concludes the configuration for Service Learning if you wish to customise rubrics that are being used to asses students' term progress please follow the link here.

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