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Introduction to the New User Interface (UI)

You can explore the new ManageBac user interface in your own time and without any disruption to your current classes by toggling between the new and legacy UI. ManageBac will support most functions in both versions until June 30, 2018.

When you log into ManageBac, you will see the Dashboard page from the legacy user interface. You may continue to use this older version of ManageBac, or you can explore the new user interface by clicking New UI at the top of the page.

After you click New UI, you will immediately see the updated user interface. You can switch to the legacy interface by clicking Legacy UI at the top of the page.  

Changes that you make while working in the legacy interface will appear in the new interface and vice versa, as long as you click Save Changes where necessary.

You can also explore the new UI on our demo site. Please email for login credentials:

New Features included in the current UI

Teacher Permissions: Logged in as an administrator, you can configure default permissions levels for all teachers or customised permissions for individual teachers via Settings > Access Permissions & Security. Click here for further guidance.

Google Docs Integration: Teacher & students can now integrate Google Docs as class coursework. See our tutorials below for further guidance:

Configuring G-Doc Integration (Admin)
Creating Assignments with G-Doc Templates (Teacher)
Managing Assignments with G-Doc Templates (Teacher)

What Features are missing from new UI (coming soon)

The following features are currently still in development and will be released incrementally, completed in full by June, 2018. These features remain available under the Legacy UI until fully released.

DP MYP Unit Plans and Whole School Curriculum: The Units tab will be display under DP & MYP classes once the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) unit builder is released.

Transcripts, Proofing & Review: Report Cards can be generated with the new UI, however, the Transcripts and Proofing & Review tools are still under development.

Class Transitions: We will be releasing enhanced tools to streamline the end-of-year transition process by May 8. Note that the options to bulk create classes, bulk import class timetables & bulk assign students to classes will also be restored to the new UI at that time.

Subject Resources: The ability to share files & tasks across classes of the same subject is still in development.

PYP: PYP user interface will not be updated at this time - we will make updates to PYP once the IB releases their updated curriculum for 2019.

Video Tutorials

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