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Linking Your Account with TurnItIn

Via Your TurnItIn Account

In order to link your ManageBac account with TurnItIn, you must first sign in to as an Administrator. Once the linking is complete, you will be able to collect coursework and view originality scores for assignment deadlines directly in ManageBac.

Note: In order to properly link the accounts, you must sign in under the Administrator permission level. Signing in as an Instructor will not allow you to configure the necessary settings.



In your TurnItIn administrator homepage, you will see an option for Integrations. If you select that, you will be given a menu of possible integrations.

Click LTI API as your preferred integration. If you do not see LTI API as an option, make sure that All is selected at the top right of the menu.

Configuring Integration

After choosing LTI API in the previous menu, you will be asked to create your own shared key, which must be 8 alphanumeric characters (e.g. eight123).

You can leave both of the other fields with the defaults in place (e.g. for the IP address and for the Error Callback URL).

Note: Changing the IP address from will restrict access and prevent ManageBac from passing on your files to TurnItIn, so it is important that these fields are kept as the defaults.

Via the ManageBac Settings Tab

Once you have configured your Integration settings, sign back into ManageBac. Under your Settings > Integrations tab, you can link your TurnItIn account.

First you will want to check the Enable TurnItIn LTI Integration field, this will enable you to enter in the required fields, which include your TurnItIn Account ID (e.g. 54439) and shared key (e.g. eight123). Please note both fields are required in order to effectively link your accounts. They are case-sensitive, so they must match identically.

For schools who have never integrated with TurnItIn, please only enable the LTI Integration checkbox. Click here for more information on TurnItIn LTI functionality.

Schools with Existing TurnItIn Integration

For schools with existing TurnItIn Integration, please keep both TurnItIn integrations enabled. The Account ID and the Shared Key should be the same for both the old integration and for the LTI integration.

Teachers will still be able to view the same kind of TurnItIn functionality on legacy deadlines from before. Once LTI integration in enabled, any newly created deadlines where TurnItIn is enabled will feature the updated TurnItIn LTI functionality.

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