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Transition Students - Part 3

Estimated time needed: 30-60 minutes

Complete this step only after all report cards have been generated for the 2017-18 academic year. 

The next step is to manage your students for next year. This includes archiving graduated year groups, moving year groups up a grade level, archiving individual students who are not returning & importing any new students. Complete this in the following order:

  1. Transition secondary year groups (skip to step 2 if your school is only using ManageBac for IB Primary Years)
  2. Transition primary students
  3. Add new students who are incoming next year

Transitioning Secondary Students

Via the Homepage, navigate to Year Groups > See all Year Groups > click Transition Years.

Transition the year groups for each programme, archiving the graduating year groups who are leaving the school and moving lower year groups up a year level.

  1. Select programme
  2. Archive graduating year group
  3. Move lower year groups up a grade level
  4. Customise the Year Group name (optional)

Click Save Changes to transition. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each programme.

Note: only archive graduating year groups who are not returning. Year groups moving from one programme to another (e.g. MYP5 to DP1) should be moved up a year level. 

Add New Year Group

Finally, add a new year group for the lowest year level via to Year Groups > See all Year Groups > Add New Group (see above). 

If your school is using ManageBac for Primary Years, continue to Transitioning Primary Students. If not, continue to the final step to Transition Classes.

Transitioning Primary Students

First, move the graduating PYP students into Middle Years. This can be done via Settings > School Directory > Memberships. Filter for students in the highest PYP grade level, select all, and click the 'arrow icon' to move students to the lowest level Middle Years year group.

Click Confirm Assignments to complete and then move to the next step.

Transition Homeroom Classes

In PYP, the grade level of the student is defined by the grade level of the class, so the remaining lower level PYP students can be moved up a grade level by transitioning the Homeroom class.

Navigate to Transition Classes > IB Primary Years. Select the Archive and duplicate into the next grade level option. This option will archive the current classes & duplicate classes a year level higher

  1. Select Homeroom from the Subject Dropdown.
  2. Set the Start and End Academic Terms to span the 2018-19 year.
  3. Add a unique Class ID for each class. The ID can be anything, as long as it is unique year to year.
  4. Tick the Students checkboxes to use the same student roster from the current classes.

Tick the Messages and Files checkboxes if you wish to reuse the class messages & files in the next year. Add or remove teachers from the Teachers dropdown.

Click Save Changes to transition classes & students up a grade level.

Create New Classes & Students for the Lowest Grade Level

Next create new Homeroom classes for the new students coming into your lowest grade level via Inquiry > Add New Class. Click here for further guidance on creating a class.

Any new students who are incoming for the next academic year can then be added in bulk via Settings > Import. Please see our tutorials on adding students individually or in bulk.

Continue to Transition Classes

Next, continue to Part 4 to Transition Classes.

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