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Overview of Transitioning to the Next Academic Year

Transitioning your ManageBac account from one academic year to the next is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your data & keeping your account up to date. This will help to ensure Teachers and Students see the correct classes and rosters year to year.

Important note: Schools using OpenApply integrated with ManageBac should first complete Step 1 to generate reports on ManageBac, then transition OpenApply before completing the remaining steps below. 


Q: When should I transition to the next academic year?

A: Transitioning should be done after reports have been generated at the end of the year and before the start of the new year. Ideally, this can be done before going on summer holiday!

Q: Regarding transitioning classes, can I use different types of transitioning for different classes?

A: Yes, its completely up to you. Transitioning Classes is done on a subject-by-subject basis, however only those classes selected will be transitioned, thus you could even transition classes within the same subject using a different transitioning option.

Q: Will class settings, including Grade Scale & Assignment/Task categories remain the same when I transition the class?

A: Yes, if you use "Archive & duplicate into the next grade", "Archive & Duplicate into the existing grade", "Transition DP1 classes to DP2". Class settings will not be copied, however, if you choose to Bulk Archive & Create from scratch.

Q: Is there any limitation on the number of archived classes over the years (in terms of storage) that would be available for reference down the years?

A: No, classes remain in your archives indefinitely. 

Q: Is it possible to duplicate unit planners from this year?

A: Not yet, the same unit plans you have this year will automatically carry over into next year & populate to classes by subject & year level. We recommend exporting all unit plans to PDF at the end of each year so that you have a carbon copy of what was taught each year. Please see our tutorials on bulk exporting unit planners for Secondary Programmes here and Primary Programmes here

Q: If we use ManageBac for Attendance, what is the best way to set up our timetables for the next year?

A: Once classes have been transitioned (part 4), you can then bulk import timetables. When transitioning classes for the next year, it's important to assign class IDs to each new class so that you can bulk import timetables into next year's classes. Click here for a tutorial on importing class timetables.

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