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IBIS Registration

The following webinar walks through registering students for their IBIS exams directly from ManageBac.

Topics covered include school account and diploma setting setup, how students can complete their plans worksheets, the registration process, common errors, generating exam calendars and invoicing.

Please find a copy of the presentation at the bottom of the page.

FAQs from the Presentation

1) Where can I find the Plans tab?

The Plans tab can be enabled via your Year Group > Overview > Edit Year Group Settings, tick "Diploma Plan", Save Changes.

2) How can I allow students to fill in their Plans Worksheets?

Via Year groups > select a year group > Plans, click "Unlock all worksheets", to allow students to begin editing their Plans Worksheets and making their subject & level selections.

Please note, if you wish to allow students to also edit their Candidate Personal Information, you will also need to have navigated to Settings > Access Permissions & Security, and uncheck "Lock Student Profiles" so that they can then edit those fields.

3) What is the difference between Add New Subject and Additional Subjects?

Diploma students registering for more than one subject of the same subject group need to add the subject as an Arts subject or by clicking "Add New Subject".

If you are taking two Language A exams for example, the second language A subject can be selected by clicking "Add New Subject", and selecting Second Language & Literature.

Diploma students registering for additional subjects outside of their programme, or Course students taking multiple subjects from the same group, should add these by clicking "Additional Subject."

4) Does ManageBac check that the student has met all of their selection requirements?

It is important that you check your students worksheets individually before registering them. The IB still requires this of Coordinators, and while ManageBac validates the records to catch basis mistakes (eg fewer than 3 HL subjects for full Diploma students), however failing to indiciate the personal code, choosing a subject the school is not authorized for etc, may result in failed registrations.

5) Can students be deleted from IBIS before the registration deadline if mistakes we made?

Please contact IB Help Desk if you need to remove or revise registration information from IBIS. If you then also need to clear registrations from ManageBac, please contact

6) Can students who have been registered on IBIS directly have their data pulled back into ManageBac?

Unfortunately there is no sync of data from IBIS to ManageBac for students that were directly registered on IBIS. In that case, you can still enter their candidate personal Information and subject selections on their Plans worksheet for reference, but that would need to be done manually, and the students will not appear under the Registered tab within ManageBac.

7) How are personal codes and session numbers added to ManageBac?

Once students are registered, personal codes and session numbers will be automatically updated to ManageBac in January (for May session schools) and September (for November session schools).

You can also update these manually by clicking Update IBIS Personal Codes.

PIN codes are not updated, they must be manually updated by clicking Update IBIS Personal Codes.

8) How come I don't see my exam calendar?

Exam Calendars need to be  created  via the Plans tab > Exam Calendar. With each exam, you'll have options for exam times, proctors, and locations based on registered exams. Exam dates are built-in annually for the May & November exam sessions together with durations and dates for each paper.


This webinar was originally run on October 11, 2018 in both Asia-Pacific and the Americas to cater for our IBAP, EMEA and IBA schools.

Asia-Pacific Presenter:
Kieran Tully, ManageBac Support Associate

Americas Presenters:
Ryan Hack, ManageBac Support Associate
Kristy Dindorf Hatch, ManageBac Implementation Manager

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