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Projects Quickstart Guide

Personal and Community Projects

Coordinators use ManageBac to track Personal and Community Project progress in real-time across the entire class and eliminate paperwork. Approve proposals, set deadlines & to-dos, share resources, and communicate directly with students.

Personal Projects

Personal Project worksheets allow students to keep a portfolio of their personal project process journal, documents, and deadlines. These can be accessed under the Personal Projects tab of your IB year group.

From the Personal Projects tab, you can track progress at a granular level across your cohort or your entire class. After selecting a student, you will be able to view their worksheet and process journal.

Personal Project Worksheet

The Worksheet displays each student’s personal project proposal, the supervisor, and progress against deadlines and to-dos. After submitting their project proposals, students will be able to upload files and access their process journals.

Their is also a section for Project documents, and Notes & Interviews between the student and their supervisor.

Personal Project Proposal

Click Edit Personal Project Proposal to review or edit the students proposal.

Students can enter their Project Topic, Goal, Global Context, and select their project supervisor. The list of supervisors is populated with the list of all teachers & administrators on your account. Advisors can also be bulk assigned to students via the Year Groups > Members tab.

Students can additionally enter an Inquiry Question, Criteria, and click Save Changes.


You can create Personal Project deadlines by clicking the Personal Projects tab and then Add New Deadline. Note: Deadlines can only be created by Admin level users or Teachers/Advisors that have been given individual access to academic programme settings via Settings > Academics.

Enter in the basic details (e.g. name, date & time). Next, make sure to link the Deadline to the Personal Project worksheet by selecting the appropriate option.

Click Enable Dropbox to collect files from the students. If you attach any files, they will automatically appear under the Personal Project Documents section of each student’s worksheet. Click Add Deadline.

Click Enable TurnItIn: Send submitted files directly through to TurnItIn, and pull back the originality score. Note: TurnItIn integration must be setup under Settings > Integrations.


Once the deadline has been created, you can assign To-dos to students, Personal Project supervisors, or everyone by clicking Add Item. If you assign a To-Do to students only, supervisors will be not be able to check them off (and vice-versa for supervisors).

The To-Dos will appear under the deadlines on the Personal Project Worksheet.

Process Journal

Under the Process Journal tab, students can add journals, websites, YouTube videos, photos and files via the Add New Entry button.


The Assessment tab builds in the IB guidelines across criterion A-D to allow teachers to complete the Personal Project Assessment.

Note: Each criterion is personalised with the student's name. Click the radio button next to the number, to give the student that grade.

At the bottom of the page, there is a Comments textbox to include any commentary in addition to the IB guidelines. Remember to click Save Changes. The page will refresh, and the students grade summary on the right-hand side will update.

Note: To comment individually on each assessment criterion, we recommend using subheadings within the single textbox. Refer to above screenshot.

Academic Honesty

Supervisors can add and edit meetings and notes with the Academic Honesty tab.

You can Add New Meeting to document your meeting notes with the student. Students can view the meeting details.

Supervisors and students can both generate the Academic Honesty Form in PDF, including the Meeting information.

Community Project

ManageBac also supports the Community Project. Navigate to the Year Groups tab and select an MYP year group. Next, click on Projects and Community Projects to view the student roster.

Click on the student name to access their Community Project worksheet, which is setup similarly to the Personal Project worksheet.

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