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MYP Coordinator: Reports

Introduction to ManageBac Report Cards

Highly customisable, fully integrated with teacher gradebooks, and tailored for IB MYP assessment, ManageBac report cards are generated in PDF and are instantly available for students and parents to view. 

Click Reports to begin.

Step 2: Rubrics and Options

Teacher gradebooks are pre-built with spaces for Term Grades and Comments. However, if you would like to include additional forms of assessment, e.g. ATLs or Effort grades, please navigate to Settings > Middle Years > Rubrics & Options.

Enable ATL assessment by clicking on the the checkbox. We build in the ATLs. You can edit the criteria and descriptors by hovering over the title and clicking Edit. To add a new form of assessment, click Add Rubric. You can specify if this will apply to All Subjects or individual subjects, and set your criteria.

Step 3: Teacher Gradebooks

Under the Tasks tab of a class, teachers can Submit Term Grades. Here the teacher can set achievement levels, final IB grade, and term comments. Note the ATLs are available as well as the newly created Effort grade.

Under Reports > Proofing & Review, you can view programmes and subjects to see which teachers have submitted their term grades. As an admin user, you can directly edit these grades here.

Step 4: Customise Templates

Under Reports, click Manage Templates to begin. Edit an existing template or add a new one.

In the template Overview, you can give your template a title, select items to include on the report, and drag and drop to re-order items. When satisfied, click Save Changes and Next. For more information about different items, hover over the green question mark.

Next, your Letter may be formatted using Textile or HTML. Please note that if you copy and paste from Word, formatting will not be preserved.

Customise your Summary of Achievement by selecting and reordering the information you would like to include. The grades and comments will automatically pull from the teacher gradebooks.

The Class Reports option will add one page for each class. If you include achievement levels and grade descriptors, we will automatically include personalised grade descriptors.

We build in and update grade boundaries of each subject annually from the MYP Coordinators Handbook Attendance data from ManageBacs Attendance feature integrates seamlessly with report cards. Note you can include student attendance on the cover sheet, summary of achievement, or in the class reports.

Step 5: Preview and Generate Reports

When you are satisfied with your report template(s), navigate back to Reports. From here, select your Term, Template, and Years.

Give your report an official title (this will display on the report), indicate your preparation date, sort order, and whether you would like to Notify parents & students via email. Preview reports via the two blue buttons, and when you are satisfied, click the green Generate Reports button.

A master copy of the report cards will save under Reports and individual reports will be accessible via a ZIP file.

Individual report cards will also be available for students, teachers, and parents via the Student Profile > Reports tab.

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