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DP Assessment

The following webinar provides a general overview of DP Assessment best practices for DP Coordinators and Teachers using ManageBac.

Webinar timeline:

"Introduction to ManageBac, the speakers, and the webinar schedule: 0:00 - 5:00"

"Webinar session: 5:00 - 16:45"

"School speaker & Q&A: 16:45 - 38:44"

FAQs from the presentation

Our school is working to move away from percentage based grading, is there anyway to disable the percentage side of this and just assign the IB grade?

If you do not use percentage weights, every assignment is multiplied by the assignment weighting, then added together and divided by the total weighting.

For more information please see here

Is there any way to get the 'student view' that you have for the Administrator? That would be very helpful for internal demos.

We are currently updating the Teacher/Admin user interface, after which, we'll be able to see similarities with the Student profile. I do know that this is on our priority list, and it's hoped to be addressed in 2018. In the meantime, many schools create a 'dummy student' to be added to classes that they can log into and view. This student will not count towards your ManageBac billing as long as you notify us of its creation via"

Please keep an eye on our blog for our latest developments and updates here

Can the assessment categories and grade scale be different in every term?

At present, assessment categories and the grading scale can be different for each class, but must remain consistent in that class throughout the academic year.

How to connect TurnItIn to Managebac?

For a step by step guide on enabling integration, please see here

Is it possible for admin to see an overview of the grade scales applied to each class?

It is not currently possible to export this information to view all classes at once, my apologies. Admins have access to any class settings, and can access the grade scales applied via the class Overview > Edit Class Settings > Categories.

Does the IA appear for all DP classes created?

At present we only provide support for Group 1 & 2 Orals, Group 4 IA's and Group 6 Interactions. ManageBac does not yet support IAs for Groups 3, 5 & 6 classes.  

Is there any way to view all of a student's results in all of their subjects simultaneously in order to get a holistic vision of the student's overall progress?

For schools who are using our Reports module, you have access to our 'Export Term Grades' function by student, which will allow you to see all their grades at once. For schools who are not using Reports, you can click on a student's profile via the 'Students' tab of the class to see their scores for each class under the 'Academics' tab.

When we give IB access for coursework samples etc will they be able to see all the grades from the year? i.e. grade book?

Content can be directly dragged from the students profile > Portfolio tab, into the IB eCoursework platform thanks to our direct integration.

Please see a step-by-step guide here

Are you planning to include the IA rubrics for all subjects?

At present, there is no timeline for this, but we recommend subscribing to our blog for further development and curriculum updates!


This webinar was originally run on February 20, 2018.

Host: James Hollingsworth, ManageBac Associate

Presenter: Lennox Meldrum, DP Coordinator and Vice Principal at Shanghai Community International School

Support: Anup Lalli, ManageBac Associate

About the presenter: Lennox Meldrum has taught in international schools in Asia since 2002, except for a stint in the IB Global Centre in The Hague as an MYP and DP Curriculum and Assessment Manager. As founding Principal at IGBIS in Kuala Lumpur, he and the starting team widely used OpenApply and ManageBac. Lennox has spoken at ManageBac User Group meetings and his school hosted a user group as recently as last year. Lennox is currently DP Coordinator and Vice Principal at Shanghai Community International School.


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