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Configuring Gradebook Calculation Options

The Term Grades tab of DP Class Gradebooks display the cumulative average of assessed tasks in the class across the entire Academic Year. There are three options for how this average can be calculated, which once configured, will by reflected across all DP Classes on your schools account.

Via Settings > School Settings > Academics

Navigate to Settings > School Settings > Academics. Here you can choose one of three options:

  1. Use Percentage weights
  2. Use Percentage weights with Points-based averaging
  3. Use Absolute weights

Click here for more information on how this calculation impacts the DP Grade Books.

1. Use Percentage Weights

When using percentage weights the task categories are given a weight that totals 100%. It calculates the percent average for each task category, then applies the weighting and finally adds all the resulting values together.

This option does not consider the number of tasks in each category or the number of points per task, i.e. all tasks are considered equal weight.

2. Use Percentage weights with Points-based Averaging

Points-based averaging will take the total number of points achieved within a category and divide it by the maximum number of points available to find the average for that category.

This calculation method puts a greater emphasis on points achieved as a metric of success, ie tasks with more points are worth more.

3. Use Absolute Weights

When using absolute weights the task categories are given a weight from 1-100 whose total can exceed 100 and is not based on percentages but on the absolute values.

This method does not concern itself with calculating the average for a task category, applying the weightings and adding the resulting values together. Instead it allows you to choose a weighting for a task type and it will apply this weighting to each task.

It puts a greater emphasis on number of tasks. If the number of tasks is not equal across all categories (e.g. 5 Homework, 3 Project, 1 Exams Tasks), you could have the same average for Homework and Projects tasks but if there are more Homework tasks then the final grade will be more heavily influenced by Homework tasks than Project tasks.

Configuring the default grades scale for newly created DP classes

Configuring the default grades scale for newly created DP classes

Navigate to Settings > IB Diploma Programme > Grades to configure default grade conversions for any new DP classes created. Note that this scale is applied to all tasks & term grades calculations of IB grades.

Configuring the Grades Scale by class

Each DP class can have its own unique Grades Scale. This is customisable by any admin or the class teacher via the class Tasks & Units tab > Show all Tasks > Manage Categories. Again, this scale is applied to all tasks & term grades calculations of IB grades. 

Configuring Class Assignment Categories

Task Categories are configured on a class-by-class basis. Here teachers can customise and color-code task categories. These task category weightings are applied to the final grade calculation when entering term grades.

• To delete a category, click the checkbox in the delete column of the category that you wish to delete

• To edit a category, type in the new name in the text field, and click on the color palette to select a new color for the label.

• To add a new category, click Add New and type in the name and select a color for the label.

Please make sure you click Save Changes to apply the changes to your class.

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