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Adding Students, Teachers, & Parents via Bulk Import

Via Settings

Users can be added to the system in bulk using the available CSV templates. Each template is specifically designed to accommodate students, teachers, or parent.  

Import Students

Via Settings > Import, click Students in the left navigation bar.

Step 1: Download our CSV template, and complete the columns. It is essential that the format match the template and that no columns (even if left blank) are left out. Refer to the following guidelines for entering your student data into the spreadsheet:

  • Student ID: Any combination of letters and numbers unique to each student.
  • First Name and Last Name:  Required fields for all students.
  • Preferred Name and Other Name: Optional fields
  • E-mail: Required field for all MYP and DP students since the email address is also the ID used to login.  If students don't have email addresses, fake email addresses can be used to allow the students access to the system.
  • Grade:  Grade levels much match the terminology used via Settings > Menu > Years.
  • Program: IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP, or Custom.
  • IB Group: appears under the IB Manager tab on your homepage and organizes students by year level and programme. Note that each group can only be configured as one year level, which means multi-year year groups is not supported.

Note:  All other fields after IB Group are optional including Password, which allows you to pre-set a student's password.

Step 2: Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Step 3: Upload Now.

Import Teachers

Import Teachers

The import file for teachers only requires First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address.

Import Parents

Enter each parent's details in a separate row of the CSV. If a parent has more than one child enrolled, use one row per student and repeat the parent information in each line.

The first two columns of the CSV are student-related, the remaining columns are parent-related. Student ID can be skipped if Student E-mail is present, and vice versa.

Required Fields:

  • Either Student ID or Student Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Please note that teachers who are also parents must have separate parent and teacher accounts, both with unique email IDs.

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