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Creating Middle Years Programme Report Cards

The following webinar walks through best practices for generating MYP reports in ManageBac. Topics covered include configuring Settings, creating and editing Templates, using MYP Gradebooks, Proofing & Review, Running Reports, and other Tips and Hints. We're also joined by MYP Coordinator, Gabe Kemp, to share his experience with ManageBac Reports.

FAQs from the presentation

1) How do you add and remove Rubrics on a Report? 

Rubrics can be enabled via Settings > IB Middle Years  > Rubrics & Options. They can be added for all Subjects or Specific Subjects. After adding, they will be available for teachers in gradebooks. The Rubric will then need to be added to the template via Generate Reports > Manage Templates on the Summary and/or Class Reports tabs. 

For more details on configuring rubrics, click here. More information on managing templates can be found here.

2) How do you assess and Report ATLs?

First, navigate to Settings > IB Middle Years  > Rubrics & Options > tick Approaches to Learning  to enable assessment and edit descriptors if you need. Teachers can then tick the Manage ATL Skills to Evaluate in their Gradebooks to select which ATLs they will assess. 

To display the ATL assessments on report cards, navigate to Generate Reports > Manage Templates > Select the MYP Template you wish to edit and enable on the Summary and/or Class Reports tabs. Click link to learn more.

3) How can Gradebooks be locked to prevent Teachers from making changes?

It's recommended to keep term gradebooks locked until it's time to enter marks, and then lock again before running Reports. Gradebooks can be locked via Settings > Academic Terms > select Programme > Edit academic year > tick Restrict teachers from making any changes to term grades > Save Changes.  Click here to learn more.


4) How can I update an individual student report?

It is possible to update an individual student's report card. After making changes to a student's grades, navigate to Generate Reports and select the correct term and template. Click on Preview Individual Report > select the student > tick Update Individual Report > Generate Preview. Once this has been done, the report will be updated in the student's profile.

If more than one report card has been generated for the given term, only the most recent report card will be modified. The report generated will be based on the student's current classes.  You can learn more here.



This webinar was originally run on December 5, 2018.

Lead Presenter: Ryan Hack, ManageBac Districts Account Manager

Secondary Presenter: Vincent Bradshaw, ManageBac Support Associate

Guest Panelist: Gabe Kemp, Middle Years Programme Coordinator at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Alberta, Canada. Gabe has been an IB MYP Science teachers for 8 years and an MYP Coordinator for 5 years at 3 different schools in Asia and Canada. Gabe has been using ManageBac for 8 years.

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